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Another Seat at the Table License to Teach Program - Diversity & Inclusion



Where do I find the program details and purchase information for the Diversity & Inclusion License to Teach program, “Another Seat At The Table”?

Go to >>  

I already have an account; how do I purchase this offer so that is added into my existing portal?

If you get the message stating an account already exists with your email address, click on “Sign in” and proceed by logging into your account. Once you log into your account you will be able to complete the purchase.  

If do not see the “sign in” option:  

Login to your account first at:  

Once you have logged in open a new tab and go to the program checkout page.  

When does the offer to purchase the Diversity & Inclusion Program, “Another Seat At The Table” expire?

The offer does not currently have an expiration date; however, in order to make the most of the live component of the program including the support calls with Josh Rich, we recommend that you join the program as soon as possible.  

Is there a special price for this program? If so, when does it expire?

We do not currently have an expiration date for this introductory pricing, but is subject to change. 

What date does the program start?

The resources will be released into the your account/portal on August 4th and the live weekly support calls with Josh Rich start on Wednesday, August 5th at 7:30 PM ET. In addition, there will be 3 live Q&A support calls for the SHRM Recertification Provider program application process.

Once the license is purchased, the resources are yours for life and all of the calls will be recorded and uploaded to the portal within 24 hours. 

How long do I have access to the resources?

You will have lifetime access to the resources; however, the live component of the program includes weekly support calls with Josh.  

These will be done every Wednesday at 7:30 PM ET beginning Wednesday, 8/5 through Wednesday, 9/30 (**schedule subject to change). These calls will be recorded and added to the program within 24 hours.   

What is the structure of the program? How long does it last? Is there an agenda?

This is a program teaching license that you can take at your own pace. 

We recommend that you begin by watching the videos in the order in which they appear in your portal to get familiar with the content. 

We also recommend that you make a list of any questions that you have on how to teach the content and join the live calls to ask your questions and get support from Josh. 

How do I access the weekly live calls, are they on Facebook or over the phone?

Josh’s weekly live calls will be done on Zoom and the SHRM support calls will be done on Free Conference Call HD. All credentials will be listed in the program portal. 

Will the weekly Live calls be recorded and added to my program portal?

Yes, the weekly calls will be recorded and added to the program portal within 24 hours.  

Is there a private Facebook Group?

There is not a private FB page for this program; however, anyone who purchases this program will be invited to become a part of our closed Facebook page for EM License Holders. 

Will the July 25th Masterclass be added to my account/program portal?

Yes, the June 25th Masterclass will be added to your program portal if you purchase the licensed training program along with the Guidebook.  

Are you offering an affiliate or referral fee on this program?

We do not have affiliate or referral fee for this offer at this time.    

How do I apply to be a SHRM Recertification Provider?

As a SHRM Recertification Provider Empowered Living has developed the Another Seat At The Table training program to qualify under SHRM’s standards AND when you enroll, we will hold 3 live Q&A support calls providing you with details on how you can apply to be *SHRM Recertification Provider Program.

*We cannot transfer to you our SHRM credentials, you are required to become an approved SHRM Recertification Provider in order to offer PDCs or advertise this program as meeting SHRM requirements.