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I already have an account; how do I purchase this program so that is added into my existing program portal?

Please see this Help Center article:

Where do I get additional details & purchase information on the Heart of the Matter program?

Is there a License to Teach the program?

We do offer a Facilitator/License to Teach and you can find more information here

When does the offer to purchase the Heart of the Matter program expire?

The offer does not currently have an expiration date; however, in order to make the most of the live component of the program including the live calls, we recommend that you join the program as soon as possible. 

Is there a special price for this program? If so, when does it expire?

We do not currently have an expiration date for this introductory pricing.

What date does the program start?

You can start immediately upon purchase as this program is a self study program with a component of 3 live calls that will be recorded and added to the program. These calls are scheduled on 11/4/20, 11/19/20 and 12/3/20. NOTE: Dates and times are subject to change.

How long do I have access to the resources?

You will have lifetime access to the resources.

What is the structure of the program? How long does it last? Is there an agenda?

The structure of the program is laid out in a 31 day journey. There are 9 videos that go with the companion guide to enhance your growth journey and the book offers a suggested structure and agenda to guide you.

You can take the program at your own pace and will have lifetime access to these resources.

How do I access the 3 live calls, are they on Facebook or over the phone?

The live calls will be done on Free Conference Call HD. All credentials will be listed in the program portal. All calls will be recorded and added to the program.

Will the weekly Live calls be recorded and added to my program portal?

Yes, the weekly calls will be recorded and added to your program portal.

How do I access the Private Facebook Group?

The link to the private Facebook group is included within the program portal. You can follow the link to request access to the group and will need to have the email address that you used to purchase in order to gain access to the page.

Will the October 24th Masterclass be added to my account/program portal if I purchase?

Yes, the October 24th Masterclass and all bonus resources will be added to the program portal.

Are you offering an affiliate or referral fee on this program?

We do not have an affiliate or referral fee for this offer at this time.

Can I add my own company branding and remove the Empowered Living Branding from the marketing materials?

This program is slightly different from our other programs in that it is more of a facilitation license than a teaching license. In this case, you will notice a difference in some of the resources regarding branding and usage. There will be no editable resources for brand edits; however, you are able to duplicate and use the resources that we have provided as they are in your facilitations. There will be no transcripts; however, the videos are downloadable once you agree to the terms and conditions regarding this upon purchase.

Is there a minimum or maximum pricing for facilitation?

If you have purchased the facilitation license and are selling it as a program or product facilitated through your own business, we do not have minimum or maximum pricing.

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